A kluge for the Bush Hog...


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Jun 23, 2011
My 20 year old Bush Hog has been a problem since day one. The engine, an 8-horse B&S, while a reliable runner, has a disgrace of a throttle mechanism. It was designed cantilevered off the side of the engine. On a good day, it does nothing more than creep down in engine speed until the engine is merely idling. An a bad day, it just falls off from vibration. After replacing it and having the same problems happen again, I decided to do somehting about it...

Off came the engine...

Here's what I needed to replace:

So, I drilled and tapped four holes in the engine block to hold on a THICK plate. I mounted a kill switch in the plate. Then, came a bolt, a small L-bracket, etc to make a throttle that won't change in speed unless I adjust it - at a single speed. Next came a choke knob with two detents - one for on the other for off. The detents were made by machining two grooves in the choke knob. A setscrew holds in a spring and a ball bearing.

DSC00164.jpg DSC00165.jpg

All made from scraps and junkbox parts. I think this'll hold up... Is it pretty? Nope! Hehehe.


DSC00167.jpg DSC00164.jpg DSC00165.jpg


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Feb 4, 2012
Some advice - Don't ever try saying that to your wife though... :lmao:

Hmmm, good point. FWIW my wife isn't difficult about her appearance. Letting her know when I like something she is wearing seems like one of the basic and positive transactions in a marriage, right?

Back on topic a fast, easy, effective repair always is a good thing. Speaking personally, I'd like to spend less time worrying about keeping my home and my shop in working order and more time making interesting stuff. Fix it right and forget about it.

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