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Advice for Mounting Boring Head for Ball Turner

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H-M Supporter - Premium Member
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Sep 8, 2016
I am pretty new to all of this and before I did something stupid I wanted to ask for some feedback. I was going to build a version of the Bedair ball turner and then starting looking at the boring head versions and decided that was much simpler for what I needed to do. This will be for Aluminum 90% of the time.

I bought a 2" Shars boring head set with a 3/4" shank and I have a boring bar mount for the BXA QCTP which has a 1" hole with a 3/4" collar for smaller bars. The boring head shank fits very nice in that collar. The shank it is threaded on the end so I plan to simply screw a bolt through a larger end cap which will hold my handle. I was looking at what I have to do this and the largest steel stock I have is 1-1/4". I have some black delrin that is I believe 2" which I thought could also work well as it has very little friction.

So my dilemma is I see a few options:

1: Use the steel 3/4" collar and buy steel to use on the back end to mount the handle (I think the 1-1/4" may be a bit small). I will still probably cut 2 delrin washers for between the QCTP holder and boring head and back side and the holder.

2: Use the 3/4" collar and use the Delrin on the back side to hold the handle and create a delrin washer between the boring head and holder.

3: Create a single Delrin piece that is the 3/4" collar and back side for holding the handle as one piece. Still create a delrin washer for between the boring head and holder.

I realize the Delrin is not as strong as the steel, but I am not sure it matters that much in this scenario. Am I crazy for thinking of just using the Delrin and making a one piece holder that will fit in the boring bar holder?

Some pics of what I have. I had the holder the wrong way, but you get the idea.



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Feb 8, 2014


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May 4, 2015
I'd use a couple brass thrust washers and oil the shaft before using. I think I'd install stops on the swing travel. Or make it useable with a ratchet to keep the handle easy to operate. Just my observations on these.
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