Anodizing power supply options (current sale offering included)

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Feb 22, 2012
So, while trying to keep expenses to a minimum I have found a good alternative for power source to anodize aluminum which provides 12v DC and 32Amp which is an old computer power supply (PSU). What I did was strip all the 12v (+) and (-) wires from the connector harnesses and tied them together (+ (yellow) together and - (black) together) and connected those to a set of aligator clips that are rated at 30Amp this will provide ample current as needed. while at it, I did the same for the 5v wiring and the 3.3v wiring to have multiple voltage options as the project at hand requires (making this into a general powerful DC power supply).

I will post picture once I get one taken which will be after I setup the Ammeter and Voltmeter on this beast.

Of course, murphy laws and what not, the day after I constructed the above power supply unit, HF came out with a coupon for their 10A/2A/55A 12V/6V battery charger (power supply) dropping it down to 29.99 - so if anyone is interested in one of those, now would be the time (or when it goes on sale again as I'm sure it will)...

just thought I'd post this here if anyone can benefit from this.

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