Another Lathe Dro Install


Grumpy Old Man
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Jan 9, 2013
This project was truly an inspiration for me. I completed the Cross Slide DRO install today. I a little different bur I used what I had on hand.
Just waiting on the conduit and Touch DRO components t

Very nicely done. Question, how do you get to the lock and Gib adjustment screws on the cross slide? I have magnets holding mine on and it works, sort of. Gib adjustment is still easy, but locking the cross slide when in the middle of an operation which requires removal of the DRO doesn’t work all too well.
Also what size is your readout screen? Thanks



H-M Supporter - Gold Member
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Feb 1, 2015
Thanks , Chuck.

I have three small covers that provide access to the four gib lock nuts when removed. I do have to remove the scale in order to access the four set screws but since that is an infrequent adjustment, it isn't that big a bother.

My scale cover flexes enough to just get a 5 mm Allen wrench in to loosen/tighten the carriage lock. A ball end Allen wrench also works. Not an ideal situation but my goal was to get the least obtrusive setup with minimum compromise. The only real compromise with the setup was losing about 1" of tailstock movement which means that I might have to extend the tailstock quill an extra inch in some circumstances.

For a readout, I am using my old Mot X smart pphone. The battery died in it and isn't replacable so I got a new phone and dedicated the Moto X to the lathe. It is a 5" screen which gives me 1/2" high digits. Were I to buy a readout screen, I would opt for a larger tablet. They can be found for under $50 on eBay.
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