Anyone Been Down to the Acra Showroom in Rancho Cucamonga?


Jeff Anderson
H-M Platinum Supporter
Mar 26, 2018
OOPS, It's ACRA not Acer.\
I really want to shop for a lathe/milling machine in person. I understand Acer has a showroom with over 500 machines in stock.
Just curious if anyone can share their experience with the showroom and the help/support at the site.
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Active User
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Jun 12, 2014
Yes, my friend went down to their warehouse to pick up his RML-1640, and it was massive with dozens of different machines, many hundreds in inventory. He shared some photos of the facility. I also have the Acra LCM-42 which is very impressive. Be aware that many of these machines are basically the same as other brands, just rebadged and maybe a different acronym, but you need to know the differences. The LCM-42/50 is the same mill as the Sharp LMV-42/50. The Acra 1440/1640TE is the same as the RML-1440/1640. Worth going, speak to Tom in sales.
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