Arbor Press, how big a press is needed for...


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Jan 2, 2014
I don't have shop space or budget for two presses.
I believe the homemade hydraulic press is more useful than a 1-3 ton arbor press; larger capacity, longer work pieces, etc.
Sure the operator needs to understand the possible outcomes and be aware, but that goes for the lathe, the mill, the table saw, chain saw, and driving to work.

I certainly have broached with the hydraulic press.
Just be aware and sometimes even stop, reposition and re-start.

Since I can only have one, it is the hydraulic press, and since I have it I use it..... carefully.



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Dec 18, 2019
Thanks everyone for their opinions and suggestions. Think I have a solution for the task at hand, or at least a fair try at it. Let you guys know in 3-4 days. Been an educational thread for me, and I value everyone's suggestions. According to tracking, should have a solution by then...
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