Archaic Tool Room Lathe

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Feb 13, 2017
Archaic; I seem to be stuck on that term. Anyway, there is a tool room lathe that has been up for sale for some time with no takers. Each time the price is a little lower. So sorry it's getting close, but ya never know when somebody can use it. Pick up only, no shipping provided. Threading gears are there, as well as the counter shaft. There may be other, I don't know. Illinois........


Apr 14, 2014
I have a Seneca Falls Star #20 lathe of about the same vintage. It isn't as convenient as using my newer Sheldon, but it's a great machine. If it's in decent shape it would be an excellent piece of equipment for someone on a tight budget.

Mine came on an old wooden bench that was in tough shape. I didn't trust the old bench would last very long so I made the stand and chip tray in the pictures. I've had the machine over 20 years, it's in fine shape, and I use it on a regular basis.



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Sep 22, 2017
At that price it's a good deal, assuming it's not clapped out, but a dial indicator and a little time should give a good indication of what life it's got left in it.
I too have a machine somewhere around that age and it's done acceptable work for me. If I didn't have a comparable lathe already, I would be interested in checking that out.


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Dec 7, 2011
For those interested to buy, I comment on the lathe advertised as follows;
- The lathe advertised is not quite up to the level of quality of a tool makers lathe, in my humble opinion, but a good workhorse lathe for the hobby machinist and also a good entry level lathe for someone.
- The lathe is an older 9 inch South Bend model C bench top lathe, as the spindle bearings are lubricated from the top and not from the front of the bearing casting, as the newer lathes are.
- The electric drive motor belt pulley looks to be a larger diameter to that of my SB9"C lathe.
- The electric motor is not mounted correctly, most probably due to the pulley diameter having been changed (or the electric motor) and the same V-belt having been used. This is not a big thing to fix.
- The bracket that holds the electric motor and driveshaft pulleys is not of the swinging type, which when fixed onto the bench, will have to have tensioning slots cut into the bench to allow for the leather belt adjustment, from time to time. It will be a bit awkward to work with, unless another method of belt adjustment can be made and fitted.
- One of the gears is fitted to a shaft, which I don't identify where it goes, at the moment.
- The manual for this lathe can be downloaded from this forum.
- All parts for SB9C lathes are still readily available on Flea-Bay.
- The price is right!

An entry level Chinese made mini bench top lathe costs about US$ 2000.00, or more, so for a hobby enthusiast, this lathe will be a good entry level lathe to start with and minimal work to get her running well enough to make the metal chips fly. Unfortunately I live in Namibia, so delivery would be a problem. Overall a nice lathe, as advertised.
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