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Are You A Mechanical Engineering Genius?

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16 correct of 21 questions...

14 out of 21, but I did have a brain fart on one of them making my best possible a 15. Don't know the drawing symbols...
17 out of 21, I crashed & burned on the drawing symbols :)
14 out of 21 and blew an easy one.
19 and blew the alloy composition of brass, which I use every day...duh-oh!
16 with one "why did I click that" moment..
18, but with two complaints...first, mechanical geniuses don’t care much about drawing conventions...these are suspect in my opinion. If you missed any of those, who cares? Second, a line does NOT form a parabola, their answer. It hangs in a catenary curve. So I take points off of whomever made up this quiz.

Sour grapes?
17/21,,,, Not bad I guess for a retired electronics guy. The symbols are what mostly got me.
17/21. Another victim of the drawing symbols.
18 out of 21. OK for an Electrical Engineer, but I need to brush up on my mechanical drawing symbols.

And i disagree with the answer to the shape of a uniformly loaded cable question - technically it's a catenary not a parabola.
20/21 I got the rope one wrong, I put ellipse instead of parabola.
Well you can't win them all. :D
18 of 21. OK for an Electrical Engineer; I guess I need to bone up on mechanical drawing symbology.
18 out of 21. Missed the GD&T questions. Five years away and the old brainbox isn't what it used to be.
? Second, a line does NOT form a parabola, their answer. It hangs in a catenary curve. So I take points off of whomever made up this quiz.

Sour grapes?[/QUOTE
Kind of a trick question. Yes, a cable hanging under its own weight forms a catenary but the question states "A cable with a uniformly distributed load per horizontal meter run will take the following shape:". Had catenary been an option, I might have missed that one too.
18 out of 21 and says im "Engineering Royalty" (Bahahahah) a few Admittedly were totally A lucky Guess! Lol
15 for me as an Electrical Engineer. GD&T isn't my strong suit, but should have done better on those.

RJ, thanks for correcting me. I never even considered what they meant by uniformly distributed horizontal load.
I never designed a suspension bridge, and never knew that a parabolic curve would occur. Seems like you would have to neglect the weight of the support wires to make this work mathematically. Luckily, I think I got it right, just because parabola was the closest choice.

So sad to not make into the Genius ranks.

16 out of 21. Not bad for an old high school grad I guess.
17 out of 21. Not too bad for a self-taught hobby machinist. Symbols got me.
I have precisely zero formal training. Just going from a lifetime of tinkering and a little common sense, I got 17 of 21.

I don't think I'll apply for my license just yet...;)
16 correct and one "why did I click that"- symbols got me too
There is much more to that field, I was expecting questions like "what is austinite" and some equations to solve
16 of 21. I guess I need to take a print reading course and learn some of those symbols.
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