Atlas MFC mill gear guard oiler S7-217

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Feb 24, 2017
While using my mill I noticed some chirping coming from the cross feed gear drive mechanism. I pulled the gear guard off and examined all the gears, a few were a bit lose so I tightened them up. The oiler that I'd been adding oil to regularly appears to have a short rubber hose that goes no where. What is this supposed to oil or am I missing something?
My cross feed table seems to get a bit tight as it traverses near the far end of the table. I plan to remove it and service the ways and gears. Is there any precaution in pulling the table off? I have the online Atlas manual but would like anyone's experienced input.


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Sep 5, 2013
As far as I know, the tube associated with S7-217 on the back of the gear guard doesn't connect to anything else. It just drips any oil directly onto the gears below the guard. My MF is too early to have it, so I'm just recalling this from reading on the later models.

As far as taking the table and such off go, I found this video series to be extremely useful. In the end I think I had to do one or two things differently than he showed, but the basic idea and process was the same. I suggest watching if you've not already.

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