Bad Day

Elijah Durham

Jan 14, 2018
I spend way to much time in my shop looking for something I set down somewhere without consciously thinking when I did it... way to much shop time is spent looking for it misplaced tools
I just redid much of my shop, new tool boxes, benches removed, machines relocated... so I am going to need to spend many hours organizing just to get the slightest grip on the situation.
Another thing along the same lines for me... storing something for weeks, months or years, you finally relocate it or dispose of it, than you need it withi a week or 2....
I know that feeling !!!

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Apr 28, 2014
Perhaps the title should be edited. -just saying.
For the most part I'd wager we're all safe, there's food on the table and a roof over our heads, Blessed even.
And running water, when a 50K dump truck doesn't drive off the shoulder and 'moves' the water meter. That was a couple of weeks ago.
Water utility came out and said it was our problem and not theirs, even though the meter was 'cocked' in the box by 6".

I've gotten to the point that when I mis-place something, I start chuckling, laughing at it. I was becoming so darn frustrated spending an hour looking for something and failing that I decided it was not good for my stress level and heart.

When I was installing the DRO a couple of weeks ago I lost a really neat bracket for the 'Y' axis. I've had it for years, picked it up at auction years ago.
Found it, had it out, then lost it. It surfaced two days ago - in the shoebox with my wire brushes. I had cleaned it off and left it with the brushes.

And then, in the past week I lost my good shop glasses. You know, the ones you use for close-up work after you hit 40-something.
Funny thing is that there's a bright yellow granny strap on them and I have 'hooks' all around the shop and in the house where I've put them religiously for the last 8+ years.
Even my fail-safe 'Finder' has failed to locate them. It was time for a new pair anyway. :grin:


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May 3, 2017
Did you check the top of your head?
I lose mine all the time. That's why I keep one in my study, one on my nightstand, six in my shop and two in my bride's purse. Once, couldn't find them after looking everywhere, and asked my wife he she knew where they. "Yeah," she said. "There on your face."

Man, I love that woman!