Bainbridge 101 horizontal bandsaw Finally Done.

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Sep 5, 2014
I should learn how to post photos ,learning to TIG weld aluminum comes first, instead I'll link to another one like it. https://spencersales.hibid.com/lot/72122-63071-13199/bainbridge-bandsaw-with-extra-60--blade/

My oldest son gave it to my youngest son as a present and project. I've been tripping over it in the shed, so I thought to fix while I worked on my own 4x6 project, the parts from two into one. . The Bainbridge needed a motor mount and vise adjustment screw. I used the legs from one of the 4x6s with plywood to make a improved stand. The extra motor went on. I used the 3/4hp Baldor on mine, chuckle. I ordered a blade, it takes an oddball size ,59 1/2" It got painted John Deere green, a bit of a loud colour.

Instead of iron, it's cast of aluminum . The wheels are crowned and not flanged. It uses steel plates for guides, instead of bearings. I'll leave the adjustment up to my son. He's a millwright.
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