BALDOR motor question

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E45F4176-125C-402E-8571-4DC7DEB80C96.jpegA3989817-9D5F-490E-A39E-27FF55A7FCF5.jpegimage.jpgI am working retrofitting an old machine. It is a lathe that was used for one operation in production.

What hp size does it look like?

The 3 wires to the back connector went to power.

What are the two other likes going to the front for?
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It was an air powered lathe that did its whole process with one foot pedal then the operator would pull the part and put in another.
I have a precision XY table and plan to make a CNC lathe. I needed a spindle only. All the other things will come off and I will place the XY table for the CNC control. I will put a 3 inch riser on the spindle to have the clearance I would like for my CNC lathe.

I bought the entire thing intact and took everything off of it. It had a large back splash and had an interesting setup up front with two opposing arrays of sensors like for a garage door eye (But about 20 of them on each side.) to keep someone from putting their hands in while it was running.

So I have all the wiring and hoses to know how the collet closer worked.

The box where the wires from the front of the motor also had an output wire to the actuator that opened and closed the collet so maybe the motor kept going but had a clutch and brake to allow stopping to change the part? I just wondered if anyone had seen it before.

For what I need I have a large treadmill motor that would be fine but the 230 3 phase with a VFD and all that power would be nice.

$150 Craigslist
I'm pretty sure JimDawson is right, It looks to be an individual brake and clutch. I've worked on similar equipment.
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