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Ball type oil nipple & oil injector

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H-M Supporter - Premium Member
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Jan 15, 2016
Thanks Bob. I'm the original owner, so whatever came from the factory came to me. It did occur to me that what I call waxy grease might be dried oil, but I doubt it. There is a very similar looking grease on other components in the carriage outside the apron case, the worm gear, thread engagement mechanism. Thankfully no chips were among the gears. These pics show my shaft lubrication. You inject oil through the oiler nipplers on the apron top plate, some are dedicated to migrates into a channel milled around the top of the apron casting. Then it flows down into the ports & over the shafts. So this circuit is different & segregated to the gears.

Here is a pic of a current PM machine. Its like the newer versions have made an integrated closed off casting as opposed to open one like mine. So that what my add-on plate would be attempting to mimic. You're right about the oil level & shaft location by the looks of it. I guess the gears get coated by slinging but if it as a fuller bath level it would probably just leak out through the shaft holes.


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