Baltimore weather conditions .

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Jan 31, 2016
Pouring down rain and DARK ! Just got off the roof of the plant finding and fixing a large vacuum leak in one of our supply pipes . Pellet hopper ran dry and shut down all the extrusion lines . All have to be re-started and dialed in once again . The supply pipes from our silos are aluminum and clamped with seals and pipe clamps , they have no expansion / contraction joints or U bends . Ya tell 'em over and over , just wait till hit hits 90 ! :grin:


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Mar 29, 2017
I cannot speak to expansion/contraction in piping. Crazy weather and temp swings, I can. We did have a classic spring day in Northern Arizona on Thursday last. The day started out 35 degrees at sunrise, clear and bright, no wind at all. Pretty nice really. By noon, the breeze was at 30 mph steady, gusts to 50, temp about 40, clear sky. At 5 PM and my commute home, there was 3 inches of snow on the freeway, clouds down on the deck, wind reducing visibility to "not much at all",temp 30 ish, 20 mph best I could safely drive. By sundown, (6:30), the skies are clear, the wind is gone, temp up to 50, and the birds are out and LOUD. Another standard March/April for many of us, no doubt. In another month, it will be 75 for the high, and 25 for the low. Gardeners in this area are a bit, uh, stoic.....:cautious:
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