Benchmaster & VFD, a Match Made in Berkeley

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Nov 2, 2012
I thought I'd show off my Benchmaster horizontal now powered by a 1 hp Baldor 3 phase motor and a VFD. It didn't come with a motor, and I was worried a 1725 rpm single phase was too fast for some things, so I tried the industrial sewing machine motor route first. It was okay, but didn't really feel terribly solid while mitering tubes with a holesaw for bike building. The e-stop isn't working properly (I think it's the wrong type) and the power/jog button isn't hooked up yet. But wow, what a difference. I'm kicking around ideas for an 80/20 frame belt grinder using the sewing machine motor, so it won't go to waste. Anyhow, this is what the BM is looking like now.

BM VFD 1.jpgBM VFD 2.jpgBM VFD 3.jpgBM VFD4.jpg

The control box mount is scrap plus a bicycle seat tube binder for a bit of adjustment ability all brazed together with bronze. The hardest part of a VFD is probably figuring out how to wire what you want to program. I'm still wrapping my mind around it a bit because there are hundreds of settings you can utilize, but it's pretty good at this point. I also hate wiring projects for some reason, but this one seems like a winner so far.


BM VFD 1.jpg BM VFD 2.jpg BM VFD 3.jpg BM VFD4.jpg
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