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Better quality inserts.

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My lathe tooling are 1/2” indexable tooling. My main is a ccmt. I bought them all on eBay as well as a 10 pack of cheapo inserts. I only have 1 left. So I ordered some better quality, still Chinese inserts from my local tooling wholesaler because the Chinese ones I had been using wear out really quickly....
maaaaaan, what a remarkable difference. Night and day. I can’t say on the longevity yet as I only made a few cuts on a piece of gas pipe, a jig for the press to press something in quick, but the finish was great, chips were reasonable, but I wasn’t taking a big enough bite to shoot the chips downward. But still, I’m excited to dive into these. Even if they’re still not name brand, leaps better than the eBay junk I have been using.




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May 18, 2015
Yeah, good inserts make a huge difference. Latheinserts.com has good CCMT inserts: Korloy and TMX as I recall.

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