Big bench grinder build.

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I have an two grinder sharpening station in my machine shop but i don't have a bench grinder in my big garage. looked around and the bigger 200-250 mm stone size grinders are pricey so i thought why not build one the size i need and of course make it more powerful. After considering couple of belt driven designs decided to make it direct drive but to use a 2Kw (2 3/4 Hp) 2800 rpm motor out of an old pressure washer, first thing i did after digging out the motor out of the shed was to disassemble it and chamfer, then drill the output shaft, then i made a shaft to slip in it, made this shaft way over size. Then i Mig weld it allowing the weld to melt in down to the root, then i chuck it up flatten the end, centre drill the end then supported it with a live centre. Allowing extra material helps if it moves when welding. then i took couple heavy and progressively lighter cuts do bring it down to M12, this side will turn clockwise so i used right hand threads, at this point i stopped, the plan is to do the same on the other side with left hand threads.


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