Bijur-Lubrication line maintenance Help please

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Hi Gang,
I am repairing 2 of the one pump oiler lines on my Sharp LMV Milling Machine.
The metering valves are of an odd size. I can't find ferrules to fit the 5/32" nylon line.
Plus the valves are cracked at the compression end where the ferrules are crimped.
They look like the 3rd one from the left http://www.fluidlinesystems.net/bijur-meter-units-s/1824.htm
Can't source local, the thread is 8mm x 1.0 TP.
The rest of the lines are metal and are in good shape, they work properly and don't leak.
See pic.


I recently ordered these from McMaster-Carr. image.jpgimage.jpg
They were under metering valves. These are american thread. I don’t remember what they had. Possibility is get a adapter to american if they don’t have metric. Or get next size up and thread to your metric size. The line nut and compression ball can be had a Home Depot. Valves were 12 bucks a pc. H&W machine that does Bridgeport’s also sells metering valves for a good price too.
You got me thinking in the right direction.
Hardware store-no
Auto Parts-No
John Deer Tractor Dealer-No
Found them at a local auto-tractor store. Hust Bros. Been buying from for years. Spent about 20 minutes looking through assortments and broken kits.
On the bay. The cheapest i could find replacement valves. One place has actual Bijur stuff but it is in his store do a search doesn't show it.
Bijur tubing is typically 4mm or 6mm, so yours is 4mm. Acer sells both nylon replacement tubing, aluminum and steel tubing, and the ferrules. I have purchased a wide range of bijur fittings and oilers from them.
Check with Acer, they sell a lot of these fittings and replacement parts for mills.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Proportion-Adapters-Oil-Fitting-SS-3-2-for-5-Bijur-Meter/172697323574 (Check with them as to the fitting you need)

Questions call 714-871-5558, info@aceronline.net
Bijur Proportion Adapters, Oil Fitting.jpg
I would give these people a call:

They specialize in Bridgeports and Bridgeport clones They just had an article in their news letter about oil lines and orifices for Bijur products. They have all the lines, orifices, and assorted fittings. As I recall when I went to their website to check them out they were inexpensive.

They are good people to do business with. I have purchased minor parts for my Bridgeport from them in the past. They are easy to talk too and more than ready to help.
Great information!
Thank you.
I was able to find the parts I needed locally. I should replace the proportion adapters but they all seem to work ok.
I only had 2 lines that were broken/crumbled. I think someone may have used something that was not compatible with way oil.
Anyway, I am putting everything back together as we speak. No leaks and the pump and distribution seems to work fine. I put the correct oil in the reservoir after sucking out what was in there-seemed too thin IMHO.
The mill is coming along just fine. Now I need to power it up, waiting for some help from my electrician.
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