bore through encoder "flex" / vibration mount advice

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Dec 21, 2016
Hi, I need some advice installing a bore through encoder directly attached to my mill's spindle. There are three places to attach an S shaped spring steel "vibration" / flex mount but they are spaced 90 degrees apart leaving one space empty ( lacking tapped holes ) due to wire placement. The encoder comes with 2 long S shaped spring / flex mounts and 2 short ones that can be screwed to these 3 sets of tapped holes on the encoder. ( There are 3 places on the encoder to mount these S shaped mounts, all 90 degrees from each other, however the last "4th" spot is not tapped because the wire leads come out on that 1/4 of the round encoder. )

What I'm wondering is, is it best to use two opposing mounts ( 180 degrees from each other ) to mount the encoder, or should I use one in one direction and one in the other ( 90 degrees from each other ) ? I am concerned that if they are 90 degrees apart ( next to each other ) they will not support the weight in balance so the encoder would be virtually hanging on the sides that don't have a mount. However the benefit of this configuration is that "VIBRATION" is removed in two axis, instead of just one axis when the mounts are opposed / 180 degrees apart.

My gut says the encoder requires equal support ( 180 degrees apart ) at least in one axis, so use only two S flex mounts 180 opposed from each other. Any thoughts ? Thanks in advance....

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