Boring heads for beginners


Jan 11, 2018
I needed a 3.5” hole through a 0.75” thick 6061 plate and used a hole saw (with four circumferential 0.25” holes for chip relief). I don’t care so much about precision because I will be welding a 3.5” OD pipe in. But it would have been nice to size it as desired.

I don’t have a rotary table, which would have let me use a mill to finish the note, as I understand it. Is another option a boring head? Does a 3” boring head make holes no larger than 3”? I also realized that I needed some 1” holes so I had to order large drill bits but it seems I could use a boring head for that?

I have a PM-30MV mill.

Thanks for any advice,

T Bredehoft

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H-M Platinum Supporter
Dec 27, 2014
A 2 inch boring mill will bore a hole from .25 to about 4 inches, it is adjustable as to size, taking out a bit at a time. Multiple passes.
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