Bought a Sharp LMV-50, Has ISO30 Taper-Need help

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Hello, (Edit, it's a LMV with a 42" table, not a 50)
I am trying to find a keyless chuck that will mount to my mill. (Sharp LMV 50-3HP 9x42)
I found NMTB 30 and ISO30.
I found a NMTB30 keyless chuck but no ISO30 keyless chuck.
What about an ER40 chuck with a set of collets?
Will the NMTB 30 keyless chuck mount in my ISO 30 spindle?
Thank you,
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I just looked up the tapers in the"Engineers Black Book".
It looks like there are significant differences between ISO/NT and MAS/BT tapers.
Anyonr else have ISO30 in your milling machine?
I'm happy about the robust mounting properties of the ISO 30 vs. the R8 in my Bridgeport.
The ISO holders are pricey. The way I look at it, I only use 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 end mills so the cost won't be too bad.
Any advice?IMG_1533[1].JPG
Nice looking mill, Jeff. Slow down a bit, unless you are right in the middle of an important job on the mill. :D

Find a 30 taper holder type that for sure fits your existing drawbar and spindle. Then buy a ER40 holder and collet set that will for sure fit your machine. Go with that until you are dead certain what you have is working before even trying to buy any other tooling. Use straight shank tooling mounted in 30 taper adapters for the lathe chuck, boring head, drill chuck, and other tooling -- not integral. IMO. Flexibility before dedication. As you learn about what is out there and what others are using, you will be able to make better decisions. This is not a race, it is a journey. Take your time and find good products at great prices, new or used, that will perfectly fit your needs...
“ISO30 to straight shank!” That is a great idea.
Being new to this taper and related tooling, I’m a sponge.
I went through the holders that came with the mill I really don’t think I will need to buy any.
Good advice Bob,
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+1 on the ER40 Bob suggests. The you can also get one for a lathe when the time comes and share the collets.
I've got an ER32 going in the BP currently and it sure does save the Ol' shoulder.
Gotta get an R8-ER40 someday.
Slow down?
I am known as a task master, the type A personality.
I live and breathe to get the job done.
It is very difficult to "slow down".
But, I will give it a go. I was ready to click on the VFD this morning, I was ready to click on the ER40, straight shank.
But, I don't know yet if the power draw bar is 12mm or 1/2 20tpi.
There are 2-3 different lengths on the draw bars.
I don't need a power arrangement. I'll need to do something with it though, I don't have a wrench that will match the power draw bar fitting.
My electrician buddy told me to slow down also. We are going to get together next week to order the best VFD for the application, circuit protection and a cabinet to house the equipment.
He is right, I can't argue with him.
The drawbar is a good example. If you are in too big of a hurry you will get stuff that you cannot or will not use. Thinking fast is a great attribute, if you actually consider and deal with all the variables. Buy from strength of knowledge, not from being in a hurry. I am often sorry down the line when I buy something quickly and without full understanding of what I am doing.
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