Bridgeport CNC with Masso Controller/Clearpath

This is going to be my first CNC build and my First build log. I've decided that a build log on this forum might be a good idea for this project so the next guy to take on this project doesn't have to deal with the stupid stuff I'm already running into.

This is my Masso Controller
I will be using 3 Clearpath Stepper Killer servos model# CPM-SDSK-3432S-RLN
They are a little over 6" long...
almost 3.5"
1/2" shaft with a 3/16" keyway
I will be using Teknic's IPC-5 75VDC power supply
But before you can wire up you Masso controller you have to power up the Clearpath servos and plug them in to a PC with the ClearPath USB-B cable and it absolutely has to be their cable I've already tried 5 others, now I'm waiting for UPS to deliver a "Teknic Certified" USB cable. Very Lame....
Their program will not see my servos without the "Teknic Certified" USB cable...

Edit: Almost any USB cable will work.... lol
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Even the R8 keyway screw is home made and of course the jam screw was finger tight..... My bearing set came with a new one.... 20200103_063233.jpg

There is a bunch of deep scoring around the end of the spindle, probably from the machine being pushed to hard....

20200104_205038.jpg 20200104_205647.jpg

I just got this newish nmtb30 quick change spindle the other day but its going to need some modifications to fit in my J-head.... the drive splines at the end are not long enough to fit in the head but everything else is a perfect fit and it has the same sealed bearing that I am installing on my R8 spindle....

I just need to cut the six splines down towards the taper end about 2" and I think that I can mill it using a fly cutter with a custom ground tool that mounts 90 degrees to rotation.....

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The R8 spindle is reassembled and back in its home...... I have all three the servos mounted again, I will need to run auto-tune on the Z Axis servo since I installed new knee gears.... I should have everything back to where I left off on the top of page 3 tonight..... lol :cool:
Richard King is coming to my shop in March 2020 to teach a scraping class..... :cool:

I figured out a huge problem with the Y axis servo today..... I had an issue where the Y axis servo would run the home command automatically when the masso starts up..... It crashes into the limit switch and bends the mount to hell.... I plugged it back into the laptop to run auto-tune again and in the Teknic MSP software there is an option called Auto-Homing it was set to enabled...... DUH! Now its not doing that anymore..... lol
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Today was the last day of the scraping class with Richard King. It has been a ton of fun and learning from Rich and his son Alex, the participants were some really great guys. I can't wait for Rich to come back next year for round 2.

On the 4th day Alex King started to use my Shars mill vise and the screw jammed with chips so he decided to completely rebuild my vise scraped the whole thing to about 20 PPI, he even flaked the bottom of the movable jaw.

20200312_195040.jpg 20200312_195044.jpg

It's better than new now,
it's King-Way Scraping Certified!
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Richard King showed us how to measure a bent Gib and how to straighten it. I fixed mine on the cnc bridgeport. My gib was bent .069" and had two bends in it. I was able to straighten it within. 001" over the full length.

Rich also showed us how to measure for the required gib shim thinkness. My X-Axis was out .018" and I made a .015" shim now the table is only out about .0009"
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John K at the class was an engineer, he gave me some great design tips for the Y-axis. He also helped me with the knee now it's accurate within .0005"
Now I have a new awesome problem! My Y-Axis is stuck and I cant move it. My gib's ear that the screw pulls on is broken and now I need a new gib but first I need to find a way to remove the old gib.

I am going to try drilling and taping a hole in it then using a threaded rod, nuts and a plate attached to the knee to pull it out.
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