Bridgeport CNC with Masso Controller/Clearpath

This is going to be my first CNC build and my First build log. I've decided that a build log on this forum might be a good idea for this project so the next guy to take on this project doesn't have to deal with the stupid stuff I'm already running into.

This is my Masso Controller
I will be using 3 Clearpath Stepper Killer servos model# CPM-SDSK-3432S-RLN
They are a little over 6" long...
almost 3.5"
1/2" shaft with a 3/16" keyway
I will be using Teknic's IPC-5 75VDC power supply
But before you can wire up you Masso controller you have to power up the Clearpath servos and plug them in to a PC with the ClearPath USB-B cable and it absolutely has to be their cable I've already tried 5 others, now I'm waiting for UPS to deliver a "Teknic Certified" USB cable. Very Lame....
Their program will not see my servos without the "Teknic Certified" USB cable...

Edit: Almost any USB cable will work.... lol
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Since I have the extra Baldor motor for the mill I am going to see what happens if I run the motor at 120hz that will make the 1725rpm motor run at 3450rpm and the spindle run about 5000rpm. Don't worry I will make a video and post it.......
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My landlord couldn't understand the concept of a cnc milling machine so I made this to put on his desk.... Hopefully some other people will see it and I'll get some calls for side work....

2x9x1" milled 1/2" deep 6061 aluminimum

It looks like garbage up close but it does have that 10 foot quality..... I figured out a few problems during this run, this was the last piece of stock this size so I'm not running it again for
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I have one of the strangest problems with the cnc bridgeport..... When milling aluminum and running coolant, the old coolant and oil that's dried on the machine gets wet then drips down to the work piece..... I'm guessing the old dried oil contains lots of sulfur because it turns the aluminum brown or black..... It must be time to clean the head off.....
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I'm looking at a fairly old part milled trying to figure out what went wrong.... Can some of you CNC guys give me some ideas......

O1 soft TGP .750" OD, koolmist with noga mister
Solid Carbide 4 flute 5/32, 2700rpm 2D pocket

I'm kinda guessing that its half of it was backlash, I can adjust that..... But I also think my tool path could be part of it maybe wasn't fast enough

1st pic is spindle side work orgin.... wall thickness .020" lol
2nd pic is vise side.... wall thickness .040"

Depth of cut not enough per move?

I love all of your ideas. Thank You.
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