Brown & Sharpe 2B Surface Grinder Refurb/Retrofit Complete!

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Technical Ted

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Nov 5, 2016
Wrapped things up today by dusting the magnet and performing what Tom from Oxtool referred to as the "five block test". I don't want to jinx things, but so far I couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out! I measured the 5 blocks on my surface plate with my Starrett tenths indicator and the two blocks closest to me while grinding were 0.0001" smaller than the other three, all of which were dead on with each other.

For the price I paid and the age of the machine I never thought it would turn out this accurate. The spindle retrofit seems to be performing well and the spindle bearings seem to be in good shape. I'm getting just the tiniest bit of chatter, but it's a mirror like finish that I think will only improve as I learn how to run the machine better. Also, I've only ground soft steel and I know that hardened steels will give me a better finish as well.

So, so far, so good! I just hope the spindle bearings hold up since replacing them would be a major expense. I ran the spindle for a few hours today and it sounds good so far.


Finished and ready to go to work.


Original Excello spindle/motor cartridge


Spindle and motor armature all one, long shaft


Locked tight by my steady rest so I could turn the shaft for a LoveJoy coupling on the spindle's own bearings.


Fusion 360 design for 1 HP single phase C faced motor mount with LoveJoy coupling

B&S Surface Grinder Spindle Retrofit.jpg
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