Brown & Sharpe 740 Dial Indicator and 771 Center Punch

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Sep 3, 2018
I'm 1 week into a journey that starts with a 1985 Jet 15 Mill Drill. The many forums here have great information and I'm happy to have found it. For my maiden post, I have a bunch of stuff that was given to me by a friend whose machinist father passed away. Included was a Brown & Sharpe 740 Dial Indicator with some miscellaneous pieces. Among the pieces was a 771 Center Punch. Here are my questions.

Dial Indicator: I can kinda sorta figure out how some of the pieces could fit together to then actually measure something. Compared to dial indicators that I've seen online, is this set more of an interesting vintage tool for admiring or would I, as a newbie, suck it up and learn more about how to use it and be happy to have it? Or should I buy one more practically useful?

Center Punch: I have a rudimentary understanding of the principle of how it's supposed to work. Problem is this one won't press down and trigger the punch mechanism. I unscrewed the top and looked at the guts but my only reaction is a head scratch regarding what if anything to do to make it operate properly. The top has a very small screw that seems to lock an important piece. Instead of following my impulse to unscrew it, I stopped for fear of something spilling out that I'd regret and now am looking for some guidance. I've looked unsuccessfully for a diagram that would help.

Thanks for any forthcoming advice.



Brown&Sharpe stuff.jpg

Ed ke6bnl

Nov 20, 2014
That moving bar on the L shaped piece is to lnside ID run out checking


John York
H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
Jun 7, 2013
The indicator items will be handy for you; personally, I do not like automatic center punches, much prefer the good 'ole manual type, first use a nice sharp prick punch to lightly mark the center, then follow with a center punch ( the prick punch has a 60 deg. point, the center punch has a 90 deg. point. )
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