Catapiller steel toe work books

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Feb 15, 2013

Most Dutchmen still wear shoes like ours today; however, there are in some small villages where wooden shoes are still worn. But they are used only outdoors and are left at the farmhouse door. The major demand of wooden shoes comes from people who work in farms or in other industries where they require adequate protection for their feet.

They protect you! Like farmers don’t only find it very convenient to walk in their fields with wooden shoes but these shoes also protect them with any sharp objects. In lots of large souvenir shops the wooden shoe is a souvenirs element, range in price from around €20 – €150.And at some places there is a teaching workshop were wooden shoes are made by a real, old-fashioned artisan.


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Nov 19, 2014
Most of the people I know who work around hot/heavy metal (blacksmiths and foundryfolk) wear metatarsal boots. They're steel or composite toed, but also have an outer armor plate over the instep of the boot as well. Like >these<. Much better protection than your average reinforced-toe boot.
I had to wear metatarsal guard boots when I worked for Kaiser steel, the only problem I ever has was that they would hang up on open backed stairs


Jun 30, 2016
I also acquired a pair in these CAT`s i spend half my day in the shop and the other half in flooded pump rooms. The are great!!!
Only negative is they are heavy. I suppose i get a workout just wearing them.

Keith Foor

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Aug 4, 2015
Read the part about stuff falling on your feet and loosing your toes from teh toe failing.
Yes this can happen. Steel toed boots, or safety toe boots are rated for a certain amount of weight at a specific height.
This will all equate to a force that the boot can deal with and not fail.
Most boots are rated for 75 pounds at 4 feet so don't believe that if you have on steel toes that you have supermans feet.
A 30 ton coil of steel rolling across your steel tow boots will still remove your toes. Protective steel inserts or bare feet, your toes will be gone.
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