Checking A Motor

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Dec 3, 2013
I recently purchased a 3hp 3 phase Marathon motor on Ebay. The seller did not package the very heavy motor well and it appears to have been dropped or escaped from the package during shipping. Two of the long screws that hold the end caps on were stripped and bent. The other two are loose along with the end housing. An oiler was crushed and the end of the shaft has damage. It took a couple of weeks and I had to get Ebay involved but the seller did eventually refund the sale and has not asked for the motor back.

The motor was advertised as new but not in box. I'm suspect because I don't understand how the screws could be stripped like that. I did find one nut in the box and the threads look fine.

So now I have a damaged motor. I can make new rods to hold the end housings on, replace the oiler and clean up the end of the shaft. As it sits the bearings feel okay. If there is not any run out on the shaft or cracks in the case or end housings what else would I need to check before applying power to see if it works okay?

How not to package a 94 lb cast iron motor.

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Apr 30, 2015
Check the windings for shorts to ground, and ohm it winding to winding; if it's ok I would try powering it
Sounds like you got a freebie- but be sure he doesn't want it back
Someone must have been inside it- but it may work
Biggest problem I've had with ebay has been packaging of heavy items/damage
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