Cherry Storage Bed For A Small Bedroom

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May 6, 2012
For the past two years I have been overwhelmed with projects and maintenance, but during that time I have completed several substantial woodworking projects. I apologize for not keeping more up-to-date. I also apologize for not being able to rotate and post some pictures.

When we shopped for furniture for a small bedroom we were disappointed with both the quality and the price. I had another problem, an accumulation of leftover cherry baseboard that had been sitting around for over ten years. So I decided to build my own. Attached are pictures of the bed. I laminated and joined the cherry baseboard. I used other wood I had accumulated (no particle board) for the structural parts.

It turns out that the bed, being only supported with four posts needs to have an internal supportive skeleton which turned out to be assembled 3/4 plywood/3/4 fir I-beams. Corners used double sets of removable bed corners. Perhaps it is over-built, but it contains no particle board and is absolutely solid.

So, here it is in stages:
IMG_0832.JPG IMG_0836.JPG
Structural elements to hold the bed together. IMG_0835.JPG
The bed had to be structurally supported by the four posts. IMG_0838.JPG
Bed with drawers installed. IMG_0834.JPG IMG_0858.JPG
Two small tables to go with bed. I seal coated and sanded everything before assembling.IMG_0859.JPG
Tables assembled.
Bed during assembly in bedroom.
Completed Project.
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