Chevy's ZZ632/1000


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Sep 20, 2019
I doubt it would be considered a classic. I enjoy the advances in technology - and to quote Tim Allen - more power! I remember when GM released the ZZ3 crate engine - aluminum head, roller engine with something like 350HP. You couldn't build an equivalent engine for its retail price. I think it was about $5,000, but it's been a long time. When I was ready to pull the trigger on one, it was discontinued and the ZZ4 was out. The compression was too high to run on CA pump gas, and thus a no-go for me. I love this stuff, practical or not.
1004 HP on pump gas and no supercharger - wow!

Are you inferring that it's already a classic?

Forgive my naivete. What is the "deck height" and how is it measured?
Deck height is the measurement from the crankshaft's centerline to the top of the deck (where the head gets bolted to the block). The taller deck height will require modifications, e.g. cutting a hole in the hood and other mods, to accommodate the larger engine. Years ago, a buddy of mine bought a stroker crankshaft at a swap meet. He was excited to get it installed, and equally disappointed when it wouldn't fit in his stock engine block. He had to order a custom block that the crankshaft was designed for - and a taller deck height.


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Oct 4, 2016
They raise the deck height like gaffer stated above, so that they can get bigger stroke crankshafts, and not make the connecting rods too short. It also effects where the wrist pin is in the piston, and where the ring pack can be placed.


Dec 9, 2016
550HP N/A Ford small block was enough for my street warrior to go 10’s through the mufflers. 1000HP would be cool but it would not fit under my hood.


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