Cincinatti Tray-Top Spindle Run Out Issue

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Apr 22, 2014
All,Five weeks ago I was working on the installation of my 12 1/2" x 42" Cincinnati Tray-Top lathe but had to stop as I had ankle fusion surgey. It will be another eight to twelve weeks before I am out of my cast and able to start partial weight bearing on the limb. I am looking for thoughts on what my lathe problem might be so I will have items to look at when I am able to get back out to my shop.Before surgery I checked the spindle nose run out, both on the exterior chuck registration surface and on the nose interior surface, and found four divisions of run out when using my test indicator marked in .0005" per division, which if I am reading the indicator correctly is .002" run out.I tried loosening and tightening the spindle bearing preload adjustment to correct the run out but to no avail.My thoughts for the next diagnostic is to move my indicator to the interior of the headstock and to check the spindle run out at several locations on the spindle inside the headstock and see what I come up with. When doing this I will mark the high points of the spindle run out if there is any run out of the spindle inside the headstock. I don't belive that my spindle is bent.Your thoughts gentlemen?Thannk you,Vlad

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