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[Documentation] Cincinnati Traytop Hydra-shift Restoration

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Apr 21, 2013
I purchased a 10x36 Cincinnati Hydra-shift that is in decent mechanical condition, but is about as ugly as they come. I'm guessing that it was in a shop in the 1980s when things got slow and someone was told to paint the lathe. That person didn't clean the lathe first, so that is why I have the blotchy mess that it is today.

The lathe was well equipped with accessories. Taper attachment, Aloris tool post, two sizes of center rest, follower rest, faceplate, drive plate and micrometer carriage stop.

One of the first projects was to disassemble the tail stock

I am disassembling the parts that need attention, and to make cleaning and painting easier. So far, the belts are the only parts that I see that I need to purchase. (other than paint)
I'll add photos as the project progresses.

lathe02.jpg Lathe01.jpg
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