CLT Auctions experience?

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I may be bidding on a bench mill via online auction thru CLT Auctions. Found the auction thru bidspotter.com. Anyone have experience with either or just general experience with these types of auctions? Methods of payment are cash, wire transfer or PayPal (+3% premium for paypal).



Be careful, it's risky to bid on a machine without being able to see it in person and test it out. Also, some auctions keep extending the closing as long as bids are still coming in, best to just bid your maximum and stay firm, don't get carried away and get into a bidding war
I tried it out with two small items. In my experience the “Riggers on Hand” , were not able to pack and ship Ups.
I could not get my items to a ups franchise store.
I was quoted $738 to pack and truck two items that could fit in 2 boot boxes.
A mill? I wouldn’t.
I should have mentioned I have a buddy that may be able to pick it up for me. It is a small bechtop mill. So no rigging or shipping.
In the last year or so I e been doing a lot of auctions on bidspotter. I hate the fact that it’s not like a real auction. At first I tried to bid like normal in auction and quickly found out that the timer resets 9 min after a bid. GARBAGE!!
I’ve gotten a lot of sweat deals through the auctions. I only do local auctions to eliminate shipping troubles.
Riggers what a joke. I have had them look at me crazy. I pull in lot with trailer and bobcat and the rigger is looking at m like I’m takin over. Most places I’ve been to won’t let you rig in building so I’ve had to pay 50 bucks for them to take to the door then I take over.
I’m pretty much done with big machines unless a real deal comes through. I did a auction Friday bought a lot of inspection tools and have to pick up tomorrow. Will post pics when picked up. Crappy thing is I saw a Boyer Shultz 6x18 hydraulic SG go for 150 bucks. I just got a 6x12 about 6 months ago damm it.
The only thing that I don’t like is most auctions have a 18% buyer premium but usually no taxes so it’s kind of off set.
Yeah it's often not like ebay where it closes at a set time and you can do a snipe bid- it will keep resetting to drive the price up and up- sucks
I actually read the auction rules and they specifically state no sniping or you can get banned! But they can pull this crap? As markba633csi suggested, if I decide to bid I will only bid to my max and put it in God's hands.
As far as I know there is nothing wrong with coming in at the last minute with a (winning) bid. To ban someone for that is insane. And how do they define it?
I wouldn't deal with people like that
I bought some small items through CLT Auctions and found them to be easy to deal with. I cannot speak to rigging and shipping. Maybe Cadillac will elaborate on the charges the has seen? $50 is not bad at all if they would load a large machine onto a trailer?
The only rigging I’ve had done was bringing the machine from it’s spot to the overdoor. They wouldn’t let me move in building because of insurance purposes. I also thought the fifty bucks to move it was a joke he forked it without a care in the world I stabilized it and he dropped at the threshold of door. It wasn’t pretty to watch.
One thing Im still not sure of is inside bidding. On another forum their was a discussion on if the auctioneer upbids. Ive had multiple times where I bid and immediately it will say someone bid you need to raise your bid. Sometimes twice in a row and no one bid after or before so idk. I think they upbid to get more.
As for the whole purchase I’ve been happy with the process. I only do local so I can pick up. I plan what I’m gonna bid on and mental prices. I let a lot go and only upbid what I’m really interested in. I saw a lot of stuff go for almost retail on last auction it’s weird what motivates people to bid then some stuf no one will even bid. All and all I enjoy it and get great deals ALOT. Only way I can afford this hobby.
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