Dividing Heads

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3 Dividing Heads & 3 tailstocks. They are L to R & B to F: Van Norman 10", Brown & Sharpe 10", Van Norman 7 1/2". The B&S is the most widely copied dividing head ever. Copies started showing up as soon as the patent ran out in the early 20th century & are still being made. So, that was my 1st choice. My mill is a Van Norman, though. So when a couple of that brand came along at good prices, I couldn't resist. That 210 pound behemoth on the left is gonna stay put for a while.

20181021 01s.jpg


Well to be honest with you I was kinda hoping you d be looking at it as if now that you have that 210lb behemoth that goes with the machine the little (to you) Brownie will just collect dust in the corner and your probably gonna need the room it takes up and almost give it away. Have along way to go before I am out of credit so I can t do much pursading these days and the thing with machining is your always looking for stuff!
Mark, I wish I could look at it from your perspective. Heck, I even bought a lotto ticket just to help me gain that perspective. But I did not win. I justified the 'behemoth' by planning to recoup my costs with the sale of the B&S. I still need to make 1 gear & a few parts to make it complete - so it'll be in the way a little longer.
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