Do you use the Kurt DX6 Vise chip shield?

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I have found the sharp, thin, sheet metal piece that slides in the back of the Kurt vise to be difficult to use.
It does keep the chips out of the screw but you really have to keep an eye on it.
It wants to hit the main casting as I move X inward.
It's sharp too!! Ask me how I know.
Take it off?


Never seen one before. That must be something new that they have added, and maybe not well thought out.

Best guess is that you could remove it without any bad effects.
I use mine. Sand or file the sharp edges off. I just push mine around depending on how far I have the vise open and where most of the chips are falling. It's a small price to pay to keep the screw cleaner.

I don't use it. The movable jaw pushes it out the back and leaves a knife hanging out there. I mostly work with smaller parts, so it's more trouble than it's worth to me. I just clean up the chips once in a while. Not many seem to wind up stuck on the screw.
I forgot to add that the piece that comes with these vises, or at least mine anyways, was very long, so I cut it into two pieces... a shorter one for working on small pieces and a longer one for longer pieces. If needed, I could use both end to end for very long pieces, but I've haven't run into the need for that as of yet.

I don't use the shield that came with my Kurt vise. But I do vacuum/brush chips from the screw periodically.
The user guide that comes with the Dx6 Crossover vise states that the shield should be trimmed and deburred for use.
Great vise. Really well made.
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