Does anyone here have any experience with g code translation programs

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In August we are upgrading to okuma vmc's. One 3 axis, one 4 axis, and one 5 axis.

Currently we are running 3 fadals and have some code files that are 15 years old. They were programmed on old software we don't have any more and most of the CAD files are in AutoCAD. No solid models.

The okuma sales guy say no problem, use this program. https://www.kentechinc.com/cncxchange.html

We have a guy here that they tried it where he used to work. It didn't go well I'm told.

We have a 5000 hour backlog and I'm working about 55 hours a week. Soon to be 65 I'm told.

We just put one of my machines on 4th axis work only but there is no way I can get it all done before the new machines arrives.

So I'm hoping someone has some experience with this type of translation software and is willing to share their experience with it.


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