Drawbar/spindle cap for Sieg x2

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Dec 29, 2017
I picked up a LED tachometer with hall effects sensor to use on my mini mill, and wanted to mount the sensor in the drawbar cap. I could have drilled a hole in the OEM cap, but thought there was a chance it would not work (bad drill job, sensor too far from magnet, etc) so I printed a cap with a right sized hole at the location I thought would work. I placed the magnet at the bottom of the drawbar hex, and being that close to center of rotation it holds fine at max rpm with no need for adhesive. The sensor clears the spindle mounting nut and picks up the RPM, so I'm pretty happy with the setup. The display is temp attached with some double backed tape - I'll either print a housing for it or mount it next to any DRO displays if I ever get some.
If anybody wants a copy of the files, either the STL's or the Freecad files I started with just let me know. I also printed a test ring (three actually) so you can tell if the cap is going to fit before you waste extra filament.
Cap was printed in PLA using a Replicator 2 modified with heated bed.
Tach installed.jpg
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