Everybody Is A Designer


Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that we started knowledge and innovation discussions.
We will be posting articles contributed by people who are passionate about innovation, hands-on prototyping and local manufacturing.
We hope to inspire young people to have more involvement, learn trades or have interests in design and engineering.

The first article was published today.
Its title is Everybody Is A Designer.
Design is the answer to a need and anyone can be one!

You can read it on our Facebook page or on our blog.

We really encourage you to participate in the discussion by leaving us a comment here, or on our FB page or on our Blog.

Thank you!
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Do you produce molded UHMWP blanks? Say 24" X 24" X 5". We have been struggling with large parts that move around after 80% material removal by milling, tried POM which was even more unstable. This part is a cover and should be injection molded but the OEM wants them milled from the solid as there are only a dozen or so parts per year and the Italian manufacturer is not keen on the mold tooling costs. It is an automation machine vision system so the part has to be black in color. So far every part has achieved a Pringle shape after un-fixturing in the mill.
P. Waller,

Thank you for your questions.
Yes we can produce UHMWPE blanks 24" X 24" X 5".
Our blanks would be stress relieved in our production process.

Best Regards,
Plasti-Block Team