First time disassembling an Albrecht chuck


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May 10, 2017
You can also use two dowel pins and a vise to get certain arbors out, MT5's and maybe 4's.
Excellent idea. Two #29 drill bits worked just fine on a JT33.
Yeah, I know this is an old thread but it worked.


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Mar 9, 2018
An Albrecht keyless chuck relies on the threaded spindle inside being oil-free so it can lock down on a bit and stay locked. If oil gets in there the bit will come loose and spin.

WHOA! Mind blown!

I've got 3 different eBay special Albrecht chucks that I use all the time ----
  • 1/2" capacity chuck on an MT2 arbor for my lathe;
  • 1/2" capacity chuck on an R8 arbor for my Bridgeport; and
  • 3/8" capacity chuck on a 1/2" straight shank for smaller/sensitive stuff.

I disassembled each of them, cleaned each of them, and used Dow Molykote molybdenum grease to lubricate the spindle threads*.

Seems like I better add "Disassemble and Clean Albrecht Chucks" to my whiteboard.

*Edit: They sure do spin smoothly though!
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