Fork truck + Texting + Concrete Wall


Apr 14, 2014
Drivers here are so bad, the only real solution is autonomous driving. Every one here on I85 is a Nascar driver. I got passed the other day by someone doing 100 mph on the right hand SHOULDER.
Had the same thing happen a couple weeks ago. The only difference was that the yahoo did it where an entrance ramp was merging into traffic. He went around me on the right, between 2 cars trying to merge, then a hard left through 3 lanes of traffic to the fast lane. People were scurrying around like hamsters in a maze trying to get out of his way. Scary to say the least.

The best part was his escapade didn't last long. He went by a state trooper at about 100+ mph and that was the end. About 5 miles down the road he was off to the side of the road surrounded by police cars.
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