Free To Whomever-good''-working Parts For A Le Blond Lathe.

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Dec 18, 2011
i have a functioning le-blond lathe with a ''servo- shift'', gear changing mechanism.

all the parts function as they were DESIGNED to do, and have for 7 years. i am

removing all the parts for this auto gear changing mechanism ,,and i am going to change the lathe to a ''MANUAL'' GEAR CHANGING LATHE. heck -this was what i really wanted to buy 7 yrs. ago.

i would like to give

these parts to someone who can use them for their le-blond lathe.

AS IN FREE ---only cost would be if you can use one part or all the parts you will have

to pay to ship these parts to your location. i only hope i can find a good home for them. re 'steve in montana. telephone ##406--596--7960. thank's for ur time.
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