Fresno CA

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Oct 31, 2016
There is an auction coming up next month not far from me in Fresno. https://www.westauction.com/auction/online-auction-of-machine-shop-tools-and-fireplace-mantels-in-fresno-ca-1990
I am mostly interested in a lot of 3 Wilton 2530 drill presses. I think that I probably could get one working drill press out of the three. It would be far superior to the cheapy HF drill press that I currently have. Anybody have any knowledge about these drill presses?

wilton 2530 drill press.JPG

And then as I was glancing through the other lots there was a lot for a "vintage 6" South Bend lathe" that caught my eye. So I clicked on it and it is a very large lathe that looks to be in fair condition at best. Anybody got any idea on what model this is. My guess is that it is at least a 16 inch lathe. Even if I took it apart I doubt that I could get the bed and stands and a lot of the other parts into and out of my pickup. I have no interest in this except for maybe what I could sell the parts for.

south bend lathe.JPG
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