Gibbs Brand Lubricant?

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Not sure where to post this, so I figured the Q&A is as good a place as any. Recently I came across Gibbs Brand Lubricant. Most of the information I find on it reads or sounds like an infomercial or a booth at the state fair--it cleans, deoxidizes, protects, yada yada yada. The few non-advertising things I find on it generally support the claims (146 customer reviews on Amazon predominantly 5 stars).

I'm looking for something that will clean and detail the polished aluminum parts on a car--wheels, valve covers, etc. and hopefully help prevent future oxidation, water spotting, etc.

It's not that expensive, and I think I'll try a couple cans, but thought I'd ask here for experience with it.



This is the best stuff I’ve come across. I’ve been polishing aluminum,stainless and chrome for a good twenty years. Wizard cleans polishes and does put a protective coat on it. It comes in the fiber for a lot of polishing. Kind of like never dull but way better. The paste is just as good I don’t think it’s as aggressive but does very good when your gonna use a buffing bonnet. They also have spray that I use as a maintenance thing. Couple sprits and rub it down. Water just beads off it.
Thanks. I haven't seen Wizards before. I've got a hankerin' for some snake oil, though, so I think I'll try the Gibbs and post my findings. If it's not as advertised, I'll give the Wizards a try.
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