Gibs adjustment

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Well after making my 1st project, (aluminum container) I cleaned up all the mess and lubed stuff up.

With my compound slide off I noticed a little pin with a aprox 50 degree angled face laying on my chip tray.

Pulled out the parts diagram and found it's an adjusting pin for the gibs, 4 of these slide into my compound slide to adjust tighten the gibs.

Oh no, I only have 2 pcs. Don't know if I dropped them or what but they be gone.

So I found a box of nails and matched diameters up and filed the angle to match and cut with hacksaw to length.

Working great and a little smoother now. Anyone else loose those little pins?


They're easy enough to make with a lathe if you have a pattern to work from. Turn a piece of rod to the right diameter and file the bevel. part off the pin at the right length. The length isn't super critical.
Getting to know this lathe rather well, constantly adjusting and taking apart and back together. I love it, I work on copiers all day and feel perfectly comfortable taking machines apart. Helps me get to know the machine and its functions better.
At first I planned to turn the part on the lathe but thought of the nails before trying to turn something. Figured a soft metal nail would not gouge any of the metal gib strip.

I did turn a rusty old bar of steel down to .620" from .750" , to fit my boring bar holder. Thinking maybe a tool rest for when I need to turn a pc of wood.
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