Gingery-style Shaper, improving function

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Wolfram Malukker

New Member
Nov 6, 2018
So, about fifteen years ago I built the Gingery Lathe and Shaper. I gave the lathe away, but I kept the shaper as I never got it working quite right. I substituted a few things, changed a few of the castings, mostly to make them thicker, taller, and heavier.

I never finished with the modifications, but I did attempt to get the machine to cut it's own table. I was never able to get the thing to cut without chatter-and I mean a LOT of chatter. I had it driven by a treadmill motor, and eventually needed the belt to drive a different machine, so it's been in the back corner of the shop gathering dust.

I'll get some photos of it when I get a chance to pull it out, but it may be until after I finish with the Logan Lathe.

I suspect, however, that the chatter issue is caused by the front of the ram not being perfectly square and flat to the back of the toolhead, so the whole cutting load would appear on the 3/4" diameter cold-rolled pin that locates the toolhead.

Would this sound like a good place to start? I just noticed the gap (about 0.008") the other day when I was moving it.


Staff member
H-M Platinum Supporter ($50)
Jun 29, 2014
Interested to see where this project goes. I have lots of questions. Going to be hard to comment on this without some photos and maybe a better description of the .008" gap. E.g., where is the gap exactly? Around the pin, or in the ram ways? There are a fair number of shaper users on the H-M forum, not all Gingery style, but shapers nonetheless. Sit tight while people tune in. Photos will help with your request.


Ned Ludd's bro
H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
Feb 9, 2017
like vtcnc said, there is so many places the chatter problem can be. Was the table tight? How much play/clearance in the ram? How was the cutter sharpened? etc, etc. Pic's would be good too.
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