Good stuff from the Cabin Fever Expo

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I picked up some good items for my shop at the Cabin Fever Expo in PA on Friday. I won a bid on a lot containing a Starrett level and a bunch of calipers (just in time too, my go-to caliper was on its last legs). The digital Mitutoyo will be a big upgrade. Got a nice surface plate - it was a bit grimy but cleaned up very nicely. Also picked up a nice surface gage to go with it. I also got a great deal on a Syntron vibratory feeder. By my calculations I got about $1200 worth of stuff for around $200. (Getting the surface plate in person saved me a lot on shipping!). The show was fun - especially watching what the larger tools went for at auction.





How was the show ? I had a group go up today but haven't heard from them yet . I'm going up tomorrow .
I went on Saturday. The show was well attended but maybe a bit lighter than last year. I picked up a small surface plate form LMS, some stock from Hobby Metal Kits, and a few change gears from the used equipment dealer in the lobby. The steam engine displays are amazing.
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