Gorton 1-22 Mastermill with Lagun FTV-1 or FTV-2 head; Should I buy it???

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Chuck Forman

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H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
Jan 16, 2013
Novice hobby "machinist" looking at a Gorton 1-22 Mastermill that has a Lagun Republic head on it.

Servo power feed on the table and power feed in the head. No DRO or power knee. Close to 3,000 lbs of machine in total.

Appears in good shape, but have not put Indicator on it and checked it out carefully.

The head has R-8 spindle so I'd avoid the issues with the B&S or whatever else tapers that steered me away from a Gorton J-9. Head is 2 speed plus mechanical variable belt that providing roughly 75-4000 rpm spindle speed.

Advice +/-'s on the Lagun Republic machines? I have done the typical internet research; they seem ok, still made and parts are available, it appears (albeit expensive).

I am a hobby/farmer with a lathe. This would be my first real Milling machine.

Zero tooling, except static phase converter and drawbar (has spray mist coolant system). Seller is firm on price of $1800. Quite a bit for an old manual machine, I guess, but I don't have time or skill to rebuild some CL "bargain" and seem to have been smitten with the Gorton brand.

Right or wrong, I want old american iron even though newer Asian machines have their advantages.

Any advice/input much appreciated. Chuck F.
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