Gorton "router" Looks Like Milling Machine


Mar 23, 2016

I'm about to acquire a Gorton vertical milling machine. Right now I can't put a model number to it.

Viewing it at the plant did not reveal any model. The size, spindle and motor resemble the O-16. Except for the motor, it is under 6'. The machine is being used as a "router" on, it appears non-ferrous metals and wood. The speed chart shows it is set up for high speeds but this is in keeping with the Gorton machines. Unfortunately I do not have any more information other than the pic below from the seller. Will keep folks posted when it comes to its new home.




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What do you mean being used as a router? You mean something like an overarm pin router for production?


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Blew up the picture to get a better view of the mill. That looks like a Gorton 8D mill with some kind of rotary table on it. More than likely a Gorton RT.
One word of caution about the 8D mill, it only will use the special Gorton collet. The spindle cannot be reground for R-8 like the you can on the 8-1/2D mill. The Gorton collets have a maximum capacity of 1/2". So make sure to ask if they have any of the collets to go with the mill.
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