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Got a Clock-Repair Mentor

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So a guy nearby from one of the online clock repair lists agreed to show me how to repair clocks.
I was lucky to find him, and it happened quite by accident. Nice guy- I really appreciate his efforts to teach me. I'm not totally green, but hands-on is a great way to learn.

Went over there last Saturday for a lesson and it was nice. Will be going over on Saturday mornings when I would otherwise just lounge around anyways.

These are skills that, like machining, have to be passed on to survive.

Don't forget our mentorship thread in the General section. If you can find a local guy to teach you, or you can teach a local newbie, do it. It's invaluable.

I'm excited to learn- I tell you that. Wish I could find someone to do the same thing with machining around here (NYC/LI).



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Aug 31, 2013
I live in the north central Florida area and would love to find a mentor in my area. Any offers would be given a serious look at.
Nelson Collar
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