Got me a bandsaw

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H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
May 15, 2014
A couple weeks ago i got a notice from goindustry dovebid about a complete facility auction that was only a couple hours away... wow... this was a facility that was doing navy work on helicopter towable minesweepers... tons of high dollar equipment, racks full of milling, lathe tooling, drills, reamers you name it.. anyways i had my eyes on several items.. a jet vbs1610 bandsaw, dake 50ton press, cabinets full of milling tools (including kurt dx66 vice/s) qa shop equipment... milling machines, lathes etc...

On the last day of the auction i was hoping to score a few deals... unfortunately so were some folks with way deeper pockets than mine.. i had to let the dake press go as well as any thoughts of picking up a cabinet loaded with tooling.. i stuck to my guns on the bandsaw primarily because it was clear from the pictures that this was not used for daily got to make a dollar work but for misc. jobs... I also got a 24" mitutoyo digital height gauge..

Some pics...

Ready to take her home

Took almost a couple hours to get it off my trailer and in my garage... this thing weighs 900+ lbs.. and is a bear to move around...
spent some time cleaning it up .. though it appears it was mostly used for plastics , some al and a bit of wood... went thru everything i could , changed out the gear oil, and tuned up the vari drive assy.. pretty happy camper... got a 6K+ dollar saw for 2.2k...way more than i wanted to spend but overall a solid machine...

IMG_20181127_0912494 (2).jpg

Got it cleaned up and more or less where it is going to stay




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Apr 28, 2014
That looks almost like it never got used. The dings at the bottom probably came from material handlers banging into it.
That's a proper bandsaw for sure!
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