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Heat Treat Furnace Build

January Project of the Month [3]
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Aug 19, 2017
Thanks @Linghunt
Electromagnetics was my most difficult class.
PID looks interesting. I wish I knew more control systems theory.
EM classes were interesting and tied so many of the other classes together for me. The picture I selected was a typical boundary value problem. No only does it work for EM, but same material for light. It was a big help for me working for a thin film company. It the fundamentals for everything we did. Some products had 100's of layers and each one was used to reflect or block a portion of the light. anyway...

Control theory is tough area as a well. Have a feel for negative feedback is critical to build on. Feedback in simple transistor circuits is a good starting point. Mechanical examples like a toilet float work too.

Check out this link on PID's available today. Note more different "knobs" you can change. That can get you in big trouble too.


I'm far from an expert on that, I know just enough to be dangerous.
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